April 8: The Annunciation of the Lord / La Anunciación del Señor

We celebrate today the Annunciation to Mary and the start of her “divine pregnancy.” We typically do this exactly nine months before December 25th, in order to place Christ’s conception nine months before his birth. This year, the Feast has

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April 7: The Day of the Lord (Divine Mercy Sunday)

As we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter, we find inspiration in these two stories. We hope you find inspiration in them as well.

One night in 1935, Fiorello H. La Guardia, Mayor of New York

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7 de abril: El Día del Señor (Domingo de la Divina Misericordia)

Celebramos hoy el segundo Domingo de Pascua, Domingo de la Divina Misericordia: “Den gracias al Señor porque es bueno, porque es eterna su misericordia.” Así canta la Iglesia en la Octava de Pascua, casi recogiendo de labios de Cristo

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April 5-6: Preparing to Celebrate Sunday’s Mass

Although many things have bounced back pretty well since our experience of a worldwide pandemic, there are still a lot of us facing anxieties and worries each day about what hasn’t bounced back, what still remains uncertain. Whether our difficulties

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5-6 de abril: Preparándonos para Celebrar la Misa Dominical

Creemos que Cristo ha Resucitado y vive para siempre. ¿Qué significa esa fe para nosotros?

¿Está Jesús tan vivo para nosotros de forma que podemos encontrarle personalmente en oración, escuchándole y hablándole como de amigo a amigo, de corazón a

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April 5: Easter Week (The Octave) / La Semana de Pascua (La Octava)

Even though many of us refer to the present week as “Easter Week,” the more accurate term is the “Easter Octave.” The term “octave” derives from the Latin word for “eighth” (in music, the eighth note).

In Catholic

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March 4: Easter Week / La Semana de Pascua

The Gospels of St. John and St. Luke use the same expression for Jesus’ presence among His disciples (after the Resurrection) in the upper room: “He stood among them.” St. John says that they were huddled together, with the doors

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April 3: Easter Week / La Semana de Pascua

The “art of listening” is an art which is fading away. We really listen to each other so rarely anymore. So often, we are racing ahead in nearly all of our conversations, planning what we will say in response or

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April 2: Easter Week / La Semana de Pascua

A frequent pattern of “coming to the faith” appears in St. John’s Gospel. This pattern involves the gradual recognition of who Jesus is and why He came among us. The pattern involves an initial misunderstanding, the beginnings of faith (as

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April 1: Easter (Fifty Days of Joy) / La Pascua (Cincuenta Días de Júbilo) 

The mood of these Easter days is well pictured in Matthew 28, 8-15: “Filled with awe and joy the women quickly left the tomb and ran to tell the disciples.” They now knew that God’s love is life-giving, and that

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