November 13: Superstition

Why is this day considered unlucky? Like many elements of folklore and superstition, it’s hard to trace; but the most accepted theory is that it stems from medieval contemplation of Christian elements. It’s pretty easy to see why Friday might

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November 13: Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Frances Cabrini was born in Italy on July 15, 1850, the youngest of thirteen children. She grew up enthralled by the stories of missionaries who had traveled to distant lands to share the Gospel and she made up her mind

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13 de noviembre: Fiesta de Santa Francisca Cabrini

Francisca Cabrini determinó desde niña ir a trabajar en las misiones extranjeras. China era su país predilecto. Francisca vestía de religiosas a sus muñecas; solía también hacer barquitos de papel, y los echaba al río cubiertos de violetas, que representaban

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11 de noviembre: Día de los Veteranos

Como es costumbre cada año, este 11 de Noviembre la Unión Americana conmemora el Veterans Day (Día de los Veteranos) en honor a todos aquellos estadounidenses que sirvieron al país a través de la milicia. A diferencia del Memorial

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November 11: Veterans Day

Although many of us will be preoccupied by other things today, Veterans Day remains a day of thanksgiving for the sacrifices of our Veterans past and present.  It is also a day on which we can re-dedicate ourselves to praying

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November 10: St. Leo, A Model of Good Deeds

Near the end of the New Testament, we find that St. Paul had a lot of advice for the young bishop Titus on how to lead God’s people. But the key to all of his advice seems to be

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10 de noviembre: La Fiesta de San León Magno

Hoy Celebramos la Fiesta de San León Magno. Desde el principio de su pontificado dio muestra de poseer grandes cualidades para ese oficio. Predicaba al pueblo en todas las fiestas y de él se conservan 96 sermones, que son verdaderas

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November 8: Post-Election and Dialogue

With so much polarization and division right now, this is worth reflection, from the Holy Father’s recently released Fratelli Tutti:

“Approaching, speaking, listening, looking at, coming to know and understand one another, and to find common ground:

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8 de noviembre: El Diálogo y Amistad Social

En el tiempo después de las elecciones nacionales, el Papa Francisco nos quiere decir algo importante sobre el diálogo y amistad social. De su Carta Fratelli Tutti:

Acercarse, expresarse, escucharse, mirarse, conocerse, tratar de comprenderse, buscar puntos de

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November 7-8: Preparing to Celebrate the Mass (The Wisdom of God)

After chapter 25 of St. Matthew’s Gospel, the events of Jesus’ Passion unfold dramatically. The whole Gospel has led us there, but chapter 25 is sort of like St. Matthew’s “big wind-up” before the final pitch! Take time to read

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