Be Safe!~

March 24, 2020-

Deacon Greg Kandra, from the Diocese of Brooklyn, spotted a sign on the door of a bagel shop near his home. The sign read: “No seating available! Pick up and delivery only. Be safe.”
Deacon Greg added: “If any two words define this present moment, they are these: ‘Be Safe.’

They are the conclusion of every conversation, the end of every phone call, the sign-off of every letter or email or text. I’m old enough to remember when the most popular way of saying goodbye was ‘Have a nice day.’ I wish life was that simple now. But in a time of danger and uncertainty, having anything ‘nice’ seems almost quaint and naive. We just want to survive.

So let these be our parting words … which we wish for one another: shelter, sanctuary, protection, security, and safety against this present storm.”

May God bless you! Be safe!

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