August 27: St. Monica

St. Monica was raised a devout, pious Catholic woman in Africa during the 3rd century. Faced with a life full of turmoil and difficulty, she didn’t flee, despair, or give up.  She persisted in prayer for the conversion of her son, husband, and whole family. Struggling to do what was best for those around her, St. Monica modeled the Catholic faith for them by sincerely living it. Through trusting in the will of God, she persevered and succeeded: her husband and children all found their path to know and love God during their lives. Her most challenging son, Augustine, eventually repented from his immoral life, received Baptism, and dedicated his life to God in such a way that we now know him as St. Augustine.
St. Monica serves as a special patroness for mothers today. She encourages all mothers to do what is right or best for those in their care – which is never an easy task. Her example reminds all mothers (and all believers) to focus on Jesus and pray for patience, persistence, and dedication.

Let us pray. “O God, who console the sorrowful and who encourage those weighed down by the concerns of life, who also mercifully accepted the motherly tears of Saint Monica, grant us, through her intercession, that we may find the grace of your protection and the sustaining hope we need today. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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