August 1-2: Getting Ready for Mass

In getting ready for the Mass for the Eighteenth Sunday of the Church’s year, be sure to look at the Scriptures we will share this weekend:

The miracle of the loaves and fishes points to Jesus as the Bread of Life. It shows what God can do with our little when we turn to Him. St. John Paul II once commented, “Left alone to face the difficult challenges of life, we feel conscious of our inadequacy and afraid of what the future may hold for us. But it is important to remember this: we must place our lives in the hands of Jesus. He will accept us, and bless us, and He will make such use of our lives as will be beyond your greatest expectations!” The miracle in Matthew 14,13-21 calls us to surrender ourselves, like so many loaves and fishes, into the all-powerful, sustaining hands of God and we will find ourselves transformed with both newness of life and fullness of life. If we unload our every burden on the Lord, He will support us.

Let us pray. “God, our Father, you redeemed us and made us your children in Christ. Through Him you have saved us from death and given us your Divine life of grace. By becoming more like Jesus on earth, may we be more generous in sharing your love with others and may we come to share one day in the glory of Heaven. Give us the peace of your kingdom, which this world does not give. By your loving care protect the good you have given us. Open our eyes to the wonders of our Love so that we may serve you with more open and willing hearts. Amen.”


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