April 26: Hope To Keep Going

It has been said that it takes one kind of hope to “show up” for life, and another kind of hope to “actively participate” in life. Similarly, it takes one kind of hope to “get started,” and it takes another kind of hope to “keep going!” 

The Parable of the Sower and the Seed comes to mind in light of these two kinds of hope. In Matthew 13, 3-9, Jesus tells the story of seeds sown on different types of dirt, leading to different outcomes. The hope which allows us to “get started” is like the seed sown on soil that is not very deep; the initial growth happens, but it is not sustained – it withers. Meanwhile, the hope which encourages us to “keep going” is akin to the deep, rich soil which allows growth in miraculous and abundant ways.

What type of soil do we have? Is it the kind of soil that allows growth to endure? When the sun scorches, are we equipped to survive? Even if  our “soil” (our heart) is rocky or weedy or shallow, we dare not despair. Jesus, after all, has risen from the dead! For Him, all things are possible. And for those who walk with Him, the same is true.

For reflection: “True progress in spiritual life does not consist in multiplying ecstasies, but in being able to persevere in difficult times. Walk, walk, and walk on – and if you are tired, stop a little, and then start walking again; but with perseverance.” Pope Francis

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