Welcome to Holy Cross Catholic Church!

 ¡Bienvenidos a la Iglesia Santa Cruz!


Holy Cross Church is eager to be a part of your life and have you as a part of our life. We are committed to growing in the likeness of Jesus Christ, a daily process that requires prayer, sacraments, discipline and a community of individuals striving for the same goal.

La Iglesia Católica Santa Cruz está muy emocionada de ser parte de su vida y de tenerle a usted como parte de nuestra vida. Estamos comprometidos en crecer a semejanza de Jesucristo, un proceso diario que requiere de oraciones, sacramentos, disciplina y de una comunidad de individuo que luchan por el mismo objetivo.

Mass Schedule

Tues - Fri, 8:30am (Rosary, 8am)    Saturday Vigil, English, 5pm
Sunday, English, 9am
Sunday, Spanish, 12pm

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If you would like to become a member of our parish, please call us at 503.289.2834.

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Mask use in our parish church is optional but recommended. Masks are recommended in order to protect the more vulnerable in our community, like children and those with compromised immunities. If you are sick in any way or even feeling a little “under the weather,” please stay home! Our concern is for your good health and the good health of those in the pews around you. Thank you.

What's Happening

June 13: St. Anthony of Padua / San Antonio de Padua

St. Anthony began his Religious life with the Augustinian Order, but eventually (in 1221) became a Franciscan Friar. Through a series of unrelated events, he ended up near the village of Assisi, where St. Francis (still living at the time) was holding a major meeting for the members of his Order. Despite poor health, St. […]

June 12: Blasphemy / Blasfemia

Did you have this thought last Sunday at Mass: “there’s an unforgivable sin?”  Mark 3, 20-35: “Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never have forgiveness, but is guilty of an everlasting sin.” What’s that all about? First, what’s a blasphemy? A blasphemy is an insult (or showing contempt or lack of reverence) for God. […]

June 11: St. Barnabas / San Bernabé

St. Barnabas, whose feastday we celebrate today, was one of the most amiable and life-promoting leaders among the early Christians. In Acts, St. Luke calls him “a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith.” A trusted confidant of many, he shared much of his property with the poor, and it was he […]

June 10: Perseverance

When Jesus was “not accepted in His native place” (Mark 6, 4), He refused to give up … He refused to be silent about the goodness of God and the important mission the Father had given Him. A word that might help us navigate life these days is perseverance. We know well that there are […]

June 9: The Day of the Lord

The current cycle of readings for the Catholic calendar offers us, almost exclusively, Gospel passages (Sunday after Sunday) from St. Mark’s Gospel. One of the characteristics of St. Mark’s Gospel is this: he challenges us to pay as much attention to where Jesus is, what He is doing, and with whom He is doing it […]

9 de junio: El Día del Señor

Nosotros creemos y proclamamos que “quien resucitó al Señor Jesús también, con Jesús, nos resucitará” y nos colocará a su lado. Por esto, damos gracias y gloria a Dios. Estamos invitados a aprender a apreciar mucho más el hecho gozoso de ser un pueblo a quien Dios bondadosamente perdonó a costa de la vida de […]