Why Holy Cross Catholic School?

Holy Cross Catholic School offers a rigorous, faith-centered education that includes:

  • Challenging Academics
  • Faith-Centered Life
  • Small Class Size
  • Affordability
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Extracurricular Opportunities

Challenging Academics

Faculty and staff at Holy Cross Catholic School focus on providing a rigorous, faith-centered education.  Children learn under high expectations with clear guidance and support. That builds a community of motivated learners.  Students receive an education that meets their particular needs. Teachers and staff challenge them, while offering the necessary support to create confident, eager learners.  Most Holy Cross students advance to rigorous college-prep high schools in Portland, including Central Catholic, St. Mary’s, Jesuit, De LaSalle, and LaSalle.  We regularly hear from alumni, parents, and faculty that our students are more than prepared to study at top private high schools.

Faith-Centered Life

Holy Cross is proud of its Catholic identity while it respects and welcomes students and families of different faith backgrounds.  Students participate and attend weekly Mass and celebrate the seasons of the Church.  Christ’s teachings permeate the school. The community emphasizes and celebrates the moral and spiritual development of students alongside academic growth.

Small Class Size

We are a small school of approximately 220 students with an average class size of 22.  The favorable ratio allows us to individualize the learning for students.  Our teachers understand the learning styles of each child, challenging the strengths and giving support when needed.


There is a persistent misconception that Catholic education is not affordable, yet if you are accustomed to providing full-time preschool or daycare for your child, you will notice that an education at Holy Cross costs less than what you currently pay.  It is the mission of Holy Cross to open the doors of Catholic education to families of all income levels.  Not only is this fair and just, it promotes the richness and diversity we value so highly in our school.  Before you decide we are out of reach, we encourage you to contact us and discover what is possible.

Cultural Diversity

Holy Cross has a diverse community — ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically.  Immigrant, native born, refugee, and first generation, a large percentage of our families speak a second language in their homes.  The diversity in cultures enriches the learning and social environment for everyone.  Holy Cross students learn to value and respect differences and grow to be at home with people from all walks of life.  In the classroom and at play, our students start to gain a global appreciation for life by tasting the richness of our world.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Holy Cross Catholic School offers its students a full curriculum.  In addition to the core classes, all students are given opportunities to enrich their lives through music, physical education, library and computer lab.  In addition, students in grades 5-8 are able to participate in the Holy Cross Choir and Ethos Band. A Children's Choir is also available for students in grades 1 - 4.  The Middle School team has developed a year round electives program for students in grades 6-8.  Some elective choices have included Claymation, Coding, school newspaper, and social justice.  Finally, a variety of afterschool enrichment opportunities are offered to students throughout the school year. Holy Cross has an active CYO membership and students in Grades 3 – 8 can play volleyball and basketball.


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