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Welcome to Social Studies! My name is Brian Walsh and I am the seventh grade homeroom teacher at Holy Cross Catholic School.  I was born and raised in Portland and have spent the majority of my life in the North Portland area. I even attended De La Salle North Catholic in its infancy years and graduated from the University of Portland in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. After finishing my degree, I joined the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE) Program and earned my Masters of Education while working and living with some incredible educators. I taught fifth grade for the past four years and before that, I was teaching middle school math and science.  I am beyond excited to teach social studies this year and work with our students as they explore the events and people that have shaped our immediate and global communities!

Over the summer, I encourage all students to get out an enjoy the sunshine and spend quality time with your family.  However, it is also important to exercise your mind so that your brain isn't "shocked" when we start school again in September.  To keep your mind sharp, I recommend all students read at least 30 minutes per day.  If you would like to get a jumpstart and begin reading about some of the topics we will cover in middle school social studies, I recommend that you check out this list of historical fiction books:

Have a great summer!!!


God Bless,

Mr. Walsh

Important Dates

Current Events: 



Each week, students will be asked to find an article and analyze it in a group.  Below are some potential websites that may be useful. Please contact Mr. Walsh if you have an additional resource you'd like to see added to the list. To log in and read the articles, click on the main menu, select "Sign In" and then "Sign in with Google" and enter your google email account.  Your classroom verification code is V8BU9F

E-Oregonian: Student Username: HolyCrossCurrentEvents        Password:knowyourworld!

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

NPR News

The Washington Post  

The Oregonian


The Economist

BBC News

Time Magazine

Fox News

Catholic Sentinel



1) Globalization, Developing Countries, Resource Use & Outsourcing

2) Environmental Issues, pollution, climate change, waste, unclean industrial practices, recycling

3) Women’s Rights & Gender Equality Issues

4) Global & Local Hunger & Poverty Issues, Food Prices, Shortages, Famine.

5) The Human Brain/Mind, New Research & Development

6) Economic Inequality Issues, Minimum Wage, Strikes, Unions, Unemployment, Job Market, Food Stamps, Home Mortgages, Etc., Shrinking Middle Class, Wealth Disparity, Higher Education, Inflation, Cost of Living

7) The U.S. Military, Operations, Missions, Budget Debates, Modernization, Other Related Issues

8) Human Rights Abuses, Minority Groups, and Human Trafficking

9) Food politics: Factory Farming, Hormones, Organic Farming, Farm Subsides (What we eat and how it gets made!)

10) Energy Issues: Old Sources & New Technologies, Keystone Oil Pipeline, Coal, Solar, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuel Exploration, How Other Countries Produce and Distribute Energy

11) Europe/The European Union-Important countries and issues within Europe. Immigration, Economic Issues, EU Membership, EU Leaders in World Affairs.

12) G8 & G20 Leaders, UN Security Council, Conferences, Issues Being Debated

13) Middle East & North Africa Conflict Issues: ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Boko Haram/Hezbollah/Hamas/other similar groups

14) Migrations, Immigration, and Refugees. Where are people moving from and to? What are the causes and conditions?

15) Russia

16) China

17) India/Pakistan

18) Japan

19)  Korea, North and South

7th Grade Religion:

Sistine Chapel 3D Tour:

5th and 6th Grade Technology:

Google Slides Solar System Project Resources:


A Note about Technology:

Throughout the year, the students will have access to technology both inside and outside the classroom. In particular, students will receive access to their own private and school monitored gmail accounts for use with Google Docs Applications and Email.  While Mr. Tagorda, our computer teacher, and I will be instructing the class on safe technology use, I highly encourage all parents to visit the following webpages to learn how to support your child in making smart, safe choices online while at home:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

Enough is Enough organization:

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"We are the light of the world."

- Matthew 5:14










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