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Many of our students participate in CYO sports – volleyball, football, basketball and track.  More than half of the school student body plays on Holy Cross teams!!  Sports are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn the basic rules of the sport, get to know their classmates in a different setting, and get exercise.

If you have questions about the CYO program at Holy Cross, please contact our CYO Directors, Walter Bridges and Nora Church, at



Fall Registration is Open

It is time to sign up for Fall Sports at Holy Cross. Holy Cross has typically had a Girls Volleyball team and a Hotshots team (1st and 2nd grade basketball co-ed) in the fall. 

You can NOW register from this link: Register

If you are a HC family - you start process by clicking on the No when it asks.... "do you need an exception?"

We won't know if we have enough for teams until we have players registered. We need at least 7 for a volleyball team and 7 for a hotshots team. We can also have more then one team.

Keep in mind:

If there are not enough players for the grade / team for your child, you will get a refund or we can let you know what other CYO teams may have a spot for your child. We keep you posted on how our teams are coming together as time goes on and need for coaches or volunteers.

- Last day to add players - September 20th (there are some exceptions to this, however we really need to see if we have enough for a team before this date).

- Let us know if you are interested in coaching. We have to have at least one coach per team to register the team with CYO on September 20th.

- Season starts September 23 - games are on Saturdays (some at HC but not all.) We don't know time/locations until the week before the first game ???? this is a bummer but best we can do now is say; game times could be morning to early afternoon. Possible locations will be on the Camp Howard / CYO website. There is never more then one game on a Saturday, unless it is a make up game. volleyballgamelocations.

- The season is about 7 weeks long with some tournaments that the coach and players can sign up for mid-season and end of season. You can view the calendar on the website.

- For Scholarship questions, contact CYO office or explore website.

- We are asking that parents of players volunteer as site monitor at least one Saturday in the HC gym during the season. It could be the game before your child's game or the game after. It a simple job and we will give you more details when we have a schedule.

- Keep in mind, other Catholic Schools may offer different sports and as a HC family, you can sign up for them from the CYO Camp Howard website.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summer! :) If you have any questions at all, let us know.

Nora and Walter ChurchBridges 
Athletic directors for Holly Cross / CYO


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